"Even in darkness, it is possible to create light." 

Elie Wiesel


When we open our arms to refugees in our community, we all rise.  As a state with a proud legacy of accepting refugees, Iowa must continue to stand for welcome.  We must do more.  We must be more.  

These are courageous people who have fled violence and terror in their home countries.  Individuals who have passed the most rigorous screening of any population entering the U.S.  Mothers and fathers who love their families.  People who bring vibrancy, skills, and innovation to their new communities.  

New Iowans who make our state stronger and more beautiful.


These are portraits of Iowans who have come to our state from all over the world.  LSI is privileged to have been a part of each of their journeys.  They are photographed in their work places right here in Central Iowa, where they are making a positive impact on our community.  

This is a collaborative project between Lutheran Services in Iowa (LSI) and Adam Albright Photography.  LSI has a long history of welcoming refugee families to our state.  Today, LSI offers services such as English classes, job training, and business development programs that empower former refugees to build strong futures in Iowa.

To our refugee brothers and sisters: We are glad you're here.  Welcome.

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